"Por favor, cuidem uns dos outros porque a vida é uma intensa viagem, é um imenso carrossel de emoções onde a alegria e a tristeza caminham juntas. Sempre que oramos e vigiamos fazemos com que a vida torne-se suave. Quando transformamos a nossa angústia, o nosso pesadelo em uma imensa nuvem precisamos usar o travesseiro da compaixão para pousarmos a nossa consciência.

Somos frutos de um mesmo Criador! Não importa a religião que professamos, importa o amor que emanamos. Esse é o ensinamento: 'Amai-vos uns aos outros!'."


Texto psicografado pela médium:

segunda-feira, 7 de maio de 2012

Originally published in Portuguese, on Saturday, May 5, 2012


We had promised in the text of the day  17/03/2012 on this blog, that we 'd reveal past lives of some religious leaders.
In one of them mentioned previous lives of Father Fabio de Melo and today we'll talk about the Fathers Marcelo Rossi and Reginald Manzotti.


   I was in the SBT in Sao Paulo, where I would be interviewed by presenter Gugu Liberato. The staff in question was the deaths of João Paulo, part of the duo João Paulo & Daniel, and of the singer Leandro, brother of Leonardo. At that time, Father Marcelo Rossi was recording an interview for Hebe Camargo.
I already knew most of their past existences, but meet him in person was even better because before my eyes I saw the vibrant and humble eyes of Augustine, I refer to St. Augustine. I'm asserting that the spirit that inhabits the body of the worthy Father Marcelo held the body of Augustine of Hippo. Therefore, it is his past life. He is not a protected of the saint but is himself reincarnated again with us! It is one of special cases, like the other fathers, have an important mission!
During the same period of St. Augustine we will find the spirits of Father Antonio Maria and especially Father Zezinho, who is a pioneer in the musical religious sense.  
Of these enlightened priests subsequently also we will quote their past lives, serving numerous requests by email.

About his other past lives ...

§ In ancient Egypt, son and heir of the throne of Amun, we’ll find him dedicated to the buildings and culture.
§ In Mesopotamia began when young in agriculture. Then, considering the appeals of his own heart and of his spiritual mission, with the blessings of the Most High, started the trend in the construction industry, being the creator of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
§ Along with Socrates in Greece, moving the nightmares, the insecurities and bringing up the power of conscience and thought in the pursuit of truth, held the Socratic Maieutics.
§ In China there was a mighty warrior of the army of Emperor Qin Shihuang.
§ In Japan, wise knowledge of human anatomy and the healing power of plants, practiced natural medicine in its fullness.
§ At the time of Scipio, The African, we will find him in the condition of gladiator and later conductor chariot.
§ In Rome, Julius Cliarquio's, aide to Senator Publius Lentulus, was also sent to Jerusalem in the administration of Pontius Pilate. Some years after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ's, Cliarquio, follower of the teachings of the Nazarene, was transferred along with the senator to Pompeii at the time of occurrence the eruption of Vesuvius.
§ Was a druid priest summoned by Arthur to the war against the Saxons. It is for me to clarify you that at that time the priests also had military training. And for those who do not believe that King Arthur existed, ask to God and Jesus if this season was legend or reality!
§ In the period of the Templars acted as administrator.
§ Walked alongside Joana D’Arc in France, and with her,  was presented to King Charles IV.
§ Again in France, winners by test tubes of different measures and portions, with the balance of fidelity, where the grams and pounds were weighed and the fire blazed in the value of rewards,  we meet Domenico with Nicolas Flamel at a rapid pace, devoting himself to the study of alchemy. Later, Domenico reincarnated in the physical garment of the also Alchemist Camille Flammarion.
§ In Germany, enthusiastic, where the scrutiny of thorns overtopped the darkness of the sky with the sound of the violin. The musician gave life to the guidelines and arrangements in his classic sonority. Who was this musician?
§ In the stony cold of Russia, with his arsenals and military might arise in the vicinity of the main avenue, today the Kremlin, Professor Stanislav Vizuk who earned prominence for adding on his work the multiplicity of religion, thus creating some disorders into the Orthodox Christian college where he taught.
§ Son of Indians of the civilization Sioux (Dakota), of the group Tetons, originating from the region from Mississippi who migrated to California (Santa Maria). He left his original group following with four other members of the tribe to the region that is now Mexico, where he can apply his technical and cultural knowledge.
§ Crossing the walls of Shanghai and obeying the course of the River Yangtz, we will find berthed the boat which in the bow announces the emblem of the Goddess of Fisheries (A-Ma). Unfolds his owner, the powerful businessman Liu Chang ..
§ In the arid mountains of Afghanistan, on the reminiscence of Mongolian people will find him as a researcher in chemistry and mathematics, other words, the renewed alchemy.
§ In previous existence in Brazil, was friend and doctor of Santos Dumont (a past life of Ayrton Senna).
§ Currently in Brazil, this blessed spirit is incarnated again in our beloved Father Marcelo Rossi, continuing with resourcefulness, dedication, humility and love his priesthood.


I recently had the pleasant surprise to know the Father Reginaldo Manzotti personally in the parking lot of a building in the Batel neighborhood, where in one of the clinics serves my dentist, Dr. Maurice K. Ziesemer.
Blessed coincidence, because I had the opportunity to shake your hand, kiss your face, look into your eyes and say, "Thank you for existing, for transmitting enlightened and inspiring words to all and do as much good to people! Glad you're with us in the  Earth Plan, in our city.” I can tell you that beyond friendly, he is helpful, nice and polite.

About his lifetimes ...

§ Was an Egyptian priest in the Temple of Anubis and worked through medicine, arts, religion and politics.
§ Was one of the sons of Benjamin, grandson of Jacob.
§ At another time, known as Ineni has been chief architect of Tuthmosis I.
§ In Greece, was a personal friend and follower of the philosopher Aristotle.
§ Being Xenium, adviser to the senator Publius Lentulus, was transferred with him from Rome to Judea at the time of Pontius Pilate and the son of God, Jesus, which became a friend and follower. Some years after the death of the Nazarene, Xenium, Publius and his entourage were transferred to Pompeii at the time of occurrence of the eruption of Vesuvius.
§ In Mycenae, using the name Estênelo, devoted himself to agriculture.
§ He was commander of the army of Iruchu I.
§ In Macedonia was a teacher at the time of Alexander the Great, when he participated in the dismissal of Darius III.
§ He served as a blacksmith in Mayapan (Mayan civilization).
§ As a Knight Templar was a judge at the same time that have been embodied Father Marcelo Rossi, actors Paulo Autran, Lima Duarte, Francisco Cuoco and Tarcisio Meira and even the architects Oscar Niemeyer and Jaime Lerner, which in the future I will reveal their past lives.
§ Accurate warrior in handling of the javelin and the sword, who carried in his pocket his musical instrument and which in the hours of rest, became the greatest of bards (poet, musician and singer). Here the medieval knight! Druid priest, close friend of Lancelot,  Arthur and especially of the Magi Taliasin (Paulo Coelho) and Taliasin Allan (Francisco Candido Xavier), which in due course, will also have their lifetimes quoted in this blog.
§ Participated in the mission of St. Francis of Assisi, being among his first hundred followers. Participant was a member of the "Meeting of Mats," which was attended by five thousand friars. Later I will present the lifetime of the most important  friars of this entourage ..
§ an excellent hunter and fisherman, as fast as the power of lightning, beautiful as the gold of sun, extreme Shubane Indian son of a Cheyenne Chief and his wife of Cherokee origin, after the death of his father assumed the role of shaman.
§ In India he worked as a merchant and farmer, planting pepper and selling to other states and countries.
§ In the sound of the gong, the sprightly beats, in the view of the altar, in the perfume exhaling the smell of spirituality through of incense, in the movements of the fights in the management of bamboo burning in the palm of the hand, in the consecration of the acts and facts in height of the Himalayas, where the mists cover up the Temple, the disciplined Tibetan monk uses his physical strength, coupled with their inner strength, involving the learning of Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) ..
§ In the Russian was a graduate military of the Navy.
§ Classical musician in Austria devoted to the violin.
§ During the war of secession, was military and occupied a prominent position in the defense of the colonies of the Northern USA.
§ In the romance of France, where the clouds rested on the floor, the brightness of the sun and moon embroidered stars and the roots of trees and leaves blowing like the wind, a young painter, using your brush and colors in all its fullness spent hours and hours giving life to landscapes, clarity to the emotions and reward to the images, for those who landed your eyes on the screen. Here's the great painter! What was his name? Ask your hearts!
§ Among the glow and the buzz of the audience, between the sacred fire of emotions, with the shimmering red cape and the bull enraged runaway coming out, girding the earth, entangling his depth, the bull follows the meeting of the bullfighter and this circulates back his mantle , revealing his slender posture, with his straight-line movements. Every scream of crowd, big emotions! It was Madrid! It was pouring blood on the pulse of emotions! Behold the power of the bullfighter who, in one of his battles, there fell leaving his trademark.
§ In the trenches of the impossible, in the governance of fullness, in the ardor of the nation that pulsed in his heart, a time of great decisions, again, at the height of his courage, the battle ahead will find him next to the Peacemaker Luiz Alves de Lima e Silva, Patron of the Brazilian Army, Duque de Caxias.
§ This spirit having Brazil as their true homeland, is now with us and this time, as this wonderful priest, evangelist, singer and enchanting of the souls and spirits, to whom we honor.
I sign on your consciences circling the sword of Joana D’Arc, and maneuvering it, I do bullseye your hearts. And with the power of the ray, the musicality of the thunder, the brightness of the lightning and strength of Gaia, I softly landing my hands, I grab a handful of ground and blow into their souls and virtues.

Hail Maria by Hail Christ!



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