"Por favor, cuidem uns dos outros porque a vida é uma intensa viagem, é um imenso carrossel de emoções onde a alegria e a tristeza caminham juntas. Sempre que oramos e vigiamos fazemos com que a vida torne-se suave. Quando transformamos a nossa angústia, o nosso pesadelo em uma imensa nuvem precisamos usar o travesseiro da compaixão para pousarmos a nossa consciência.

Somos frutos de um mesmo Criador! Não importa a religião que professamos, importa o amor que emanamos. Esse é o ensinamento: 'Amai-vos uns aos outros!'."


Texto psicografado pela médium:

domingo, 20 de maio de 2012


Good evening, children of 
Mary of Nazareth, 
Child of the Universe,
lilies of a single garden.

In the last days I received some emails asking if people could be followers of this blog using pseudonyms, because their families are of other religions. Of course! Everybody can be follower, even using pseudonyms, because the spiritual mentors can identify you and thus work within the needs of each one, being in love, professional life and / or in health.

   Usually I taket from the blog the follower’s names and record in a suitable handwriting workbook, so that the spiritual team, that works with me, can work. When necessary, also transmit it to the staff of mediums that belongs to  the Casa de Orientação Espiritual Ecumênica Padre Cicero Romão Baptista (House of Spiritual and Ecumenical Guidance Fr. Cicero Romao Baptista) so then, their respective spiritual mentors act as well. This is a privilege to the registered followers of the blog!

    I have been received also several e-mails, many of them with questions about famous. I understand everyone's curiosity, but would like to clarify that I comment both, about public people lifetimes and those unknown to the general public, but in this case, in particular, the lifetimes and answers to questions are sent via email.

   Like the priests mentioned in the previous texts, next week will clarify the lifetimes of the soccer players Ronaldo "phenomenon" and Neymar, who were the champions of requests this week. Others  in the future will be mentioned. Regarding the players, I feel more comfortable because I am married to a Brazilian football champion and through him, over these years, I got to know several other players and professionals of this area. So repeating:  next week I will talk about  Ronaldo "phenomenon" and Neymar!

     It will also follow the sequence of the priests, pastors and other priests, as well as politicians, artists and other professionals from various fields, as suggested by you.

       You make this blog! You ask and Caravan of Spirits and I do it!

   With the inspiration and emotionality of those who have become incorporeal and with the dexterity and speed of those who leave their bodies through their perispirits, sign in your consciences, in the core of your souls, with the golden rays of the sun, with the silver of Moon, and lulling you  with the musical hiccups of thr thunder, with the power of lightning in your hopes, your immortality, in your wisdom, in your superficial and deep pursuits.

     With affection and respect,


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