"Por favor, cuidem uns dos outros porque a vida é uma intensa viagem, é um imenso carrossel de emoções onde a alegria e a tristeza caminham juntas. Sempre que oramos e vigiamos fazemos com que a vida torne-se suave. Quando transformamos a nossa angústia, o nosso pesadelo em uma imensa nuvem precisamos usar o travesseiro da compaixão para pousarmos a nossa consciência.

Somos frutos de um mesmo Criador! Não importa a religião que professamos, importa o amor que emanamos. Esse é o ensinamento: 'Amai-vos uns aos outros!'."


Texto psicografado pela médium:

terça-feira, 7 de maio de 2013


Dear curumins, fans of Sir Paul McCartney,

Considering the numerous phone calls and emails that I was asked about the connection between the "Caboclo Yesterday", the "Caboclo Pennylane" and Paul McCartney, for you who have read the book “O Pódium da Imortalidade”(The Podium of Immortality) in its entirety I will not hide anymore. The Caboclo Pennylane and the Caboclo Yesterday, these are the nicknames given to the astral traveler (PERISPIRIT) Paul McCartney. Even the nickname "Caboclo Yesterday" was suggested by the spirit of Ayrton Senna, which in turn uses in the book, the pseudonym of Bernardo Bandeira Brasil da Silva. The "Caboclo Liverpool" and "Caboclo Imagine " these are the spirit of John Lennon, while the "Caboclo Thriller" is the spirit of Michael Jackson, who used this nickname even before its disembodiment, when he acted as astral traveler (PERISPIRIT). For twenty years we have been using pseudonyms to give, to the true researchers of spirituality, the time required for proper understanding. This was, therefore, the treatment used between the astral bodies and spirits, as we here at Land Plan, often played with some situations.

In the first pages of the book The Podium of Immortality, one of the songs presented, “Ballad to Paul McCartney”, was authored by the spirit of John Lennon to Paul McCartney. This music can be heard by you on Youtube. But the spirit of John did not stop there! He composed a sequence of other ballads, dedicated to George Harrison, Ringo Starr, his sons and his beloved Yoko, all this after his disembodiment in spirit.

Although this controversial issue is already addressed by my spiritual team and I for over twenty years, with the popularization of the Internet, its dissemination was facilitated. So, I will soon make available on Youtube new songs of the spirit of John Lennon, like Ballad to Paul McCartney.

Taking the opportunity, as on May 1 was celebrated in Brazil  the Labor Day and remembered the twenty years since the death of Senna, we would also like to invite you to access YouTube to hear the song "Queen Musa," that the spirit Ayrton Senna made to Xuxa. In addition to this, the spirit of Senna make  lyrics and music for his parents, his brother, his sister Viviane, to Adriane Galisteu, for many of his dear friends and his fans and the people of the earth plane in general.

The musical repertoire of disembodied spirits also presents compositions of Leandro, of Mamonas Assassinas and many others, just go conferring on Youtube.

For those who say or think does not exist life after death, here in the  Ecumenical House of Spiritual Guidance Padre Cicero Romão Batista (COEE) my team of mediums and I, in my spirituality, we are proving otherwise. Here these and other spirits and perispirits attend people who seek our help. Here they produce music, drawings and books. Besides all this, I have the honor and dignity of having been blessed by God and supported throughout my mediumship, by a man named "Love", Francisco Candido Xavier.

Like Joan of Arc, mounted on my horse of the dignity, holding the banner of understanding and flaming sword, I proceed. There is no pain that make me stop, there is no happiness that make me sway, no storm that make me afraid! There is no loneliness that makes me bubble away. When all tumble, I'm the one who goes on who march. If I lack the legs, will use the brain wing’s, the helmet of Hermes. I will use the caduceus of my dignity, because my name is Carmem Mediumship Tiepolo de Aguiar.

Hail Christ by Hail Mary!

Good night!


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