"Por favor, cuidem uns dos outros porque a vida é uma intensa viagem, é um imenso carrossel de emoções onde a alegria e a tristeza caminham juntas. Sempre que oramos e vigiamos fazemos com que a vida torne-se suave. Quando transformamos a nossa angústia, o nosso pesadelo em uma imensa nuvem precisamos usar o travesseiro da compaixão para pousarmos a nossa consciência.

Somos frutos de um mesmo Criador! Não importa a religião que professamos, importa o amor que emanamos. Esse é o ensinamento: 'Amai-vos uns aos outros!'."


Texto psicografado pela médium:

sábado, 12 de outubro de 2013


Beloved children, first of all I invite you to close your eyes and gently hear the song "We Are The World" by Michael Jackson, wherefore, later, while reading the text today, have it in mind.

Children, symbols of light and maximum expression! Heirs of a patrimony patriot, links between the past and future!

Children who bring hope of an orderly and full life! On this date we celebrate the Day of Our Lady of Aparecida, Patroness of Brazil, I beg to her, to Saint Joseph and His son Jesus, to have mercy on souls incarnated in our children and lead them, so they can dominate with justice, love and solidarity our country and all the homelands of this Universe. May the angelical wings of our children can grow strong and safe, for them to become symbols of civic, professional and moral conducts.

The spiritual mentors of the House of Ecumenical Spiritual Guidance Padre Cicero Romão Batista (COEE), our mediunic team and I wish a lot of light and happiness! That only the real dreams be part of this meaningful day! That our children may know to dominate the digital area without losing the playfulness and simplicity of childhood games. Know that articulate, in same synchrony, the ancient and modern games, preserved in its psychological and pedagogical potential, and so necessary for child development. That from the harmonious and respectful coexistence, children with special needs can learn from others, but also to teach them, through interaction, their experiences and knowledge, what they know best. Only from the link of respect for diversity, brotherhood and love we will have a better world!

That the Mantle of Infinite Goodness protect all human beings, animals and plants that make up this universe. May Our Lady, with Her protective mantle, covers parents, families, religious leaders, regardless of creed, the professional in the areas of education and health and other professionals that govern the destiny, and constitute themselves as masters of the symphony of embodied souls in each child.

That children, beings of colored souls, as vibrant as the colors of nature, drawings of the prosperity and the future, of participation and evolution, preserve their colored vision about the world. And that, in the vicinity of all these colors, vibrant and meaningful, the golden color of the Archangels form a heart around these endless children auras.

I sign this text where paper is the union of petals of the white rose, speckled with golden of the sun and embroidered with the brightness of the moon. With the sword of Joan of Arc I draw a heart on top of each heart. Amen!


Translation by Iara Gallotti Frantz

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