"Por favor, cuidem uns dos outros porque a vida é uma intensa viagem, é um imenso carrossel de emoções onde a alegria e a tristeza caminham juntas. Sempre que oramos e vigiamos fazemos com que a vida torne-se suave. Quando transformamos a nossa angústia, o nosso pesadelo em uma imensa nuvem precisamos usar o travesseiro da compaixão para pousarmos a nossa consciência.

Somos frutos de um mesmo Criador! Não importa a religião que professamos, importa o amor que emanamos. Esse é o ensinamento: 'Amai-vos uns aos outros!'."


Texto psicografado pela médium:

sábado, 14 de julho de 2012

 Text originally posted in Portuguese on Sat,July 07, 2012


Children of immortality!

Our blog today is very sublime, cause we return from Uberaba, where we breathe pure and true love. Our happiness was can see again Dr. Eurípedes, Belmiro (Netinho), Efigênia and many other loved ones that I love and respect too much. How gratifying to see everything being very careful, well-organized.
Indeed, Eurípedes and his team broke all the barriers of expectation and made ​​everything bigger and better than the spiritual world could imagine!

We were on the road when the driver went into an access to Uberaba, lengthening our journey in sixty-odd kilometer. We had the pleasure of going through the cane fields of Minas Gerais.
When we got to the Museum of Chico Xavier, which was his former residence, was past noon, and was  more than one o'clock. I got off the Bentur Tourism van and heard the voice of Eurípedes, I pressed the intercom desperate and screamed his name. This attitude reminds me of the past twenty-odd years when, during the week, came to Chico Xavier door and shouted: "Chico, is me, the Carmen from Curitiba".
When Eurípedes kindly welcomed us by opening the door, beyond to see the reincarnated José, who was one of the brothers of Chico Xavier, through my clairvoyance I saw Chico.

I feel the need to confide this to you because I'm alive today and tomorrow can’t be. So I have to confide you! He welcomed us, allowed us to photograph the museum, which is improving year by year, showing the works of Francisco Candido Xavier and also the books of Eurípedes, which I read and reread several times, and I advise you to read as well, this is very important.

After we left the museum we went to the Home Care, the "Avocado Tree", where we attended the tribute held by ten years of the death of Chico Xavier and observes the same love, the same dedication. The delivery of food became more intense! Congratulations, congratulations, and congratulations to the entire team! They are true angels of light! If Chico was directing me here now he would say: "These are the angels of light of my continuity, are my arms, my lungs, my kidneys, my hearing, my vision, my touch. It's as if I had gone out of Mother Earth and all wrapped in an aura of light.” These are the words of Chico and those of his mother, Maria João de Deus.
But as I am not Chico, nor Maria João de Deus, I am Carmen, insignificant grain of sand, what I have to say is that God always bless you and enlighten, give you health and strength to continue on this road of faith , love and charity. You are the pearls of light, diamonds polished by the dignity, by the blessedness.
You all are a piece of heaven here on earth! Are the sun that shines and makes the most beautiful flowers and the perfume exhaled is the charity. Love you! And I had the honor of taking with me to Uberaba other brilliant polished diamonds as God gave me, who are members of my team. This really is to be doubly blessed! Have placed the Uberaba team and my team of COEE / FEPEB within the Mother Ship of my soul, where the commander is the Star, was a preciousness of the universe and complete happiness and absolute! Experiencing all of this is really full of happiness! It is fill the soul with vitality, see the world ahead and say thanks for being reincarnated, is "Is to know myself I." That is happiness: the right people at the right time! Love, love, and love ...
That's what I have to say! But I saw Chico in Eurípedes, I saw! Then I saw Chico circling around their mediums who were sitting side by side, united in the ties of brotherhood. Again congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!

Unfortunately, my team and I could not stay at night in the Spiritist Group of Prayer. After we left St. John the Baptist Cemetery, immediately we traveled to Sao Jose do Rio Preto, where I do a lecture at the invitation of the Spiritual House Barn of God. In addition to the lecture, the team and I serve the people that was there waiting for us. It was very complicated for us, we wanted to participate in the reading of the Gospel in Spiritist Group of Prayer. It's like a piece of all of us had stayed in Uberaba!

Now a special note to my friend of Paraiba, a follower of this blog, Jeanselmo: You are already part of this special team! It's been very nice talking to you over the phone and tell you some of your lifetimes and how important you are to your family and friends. In the coming days the full report will be forwarded by email.

God bless you!
At this time, with the sword of justice and the pearls of light I radiate from the core of the Sun in your souls! That the strength of ray, the power of lightning,  the musicality of the thunder and the elements of nature protect you by removing all the nightmares, the pain of love, the sorrows, the financial problems of yourr souls, spirits and bodies.



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