"Por favor, cuidem uns dos outros porque a vida é uma intensa viagem, é um imenso carrossel de emoções onde a alegria e a tristeza caminham juntas. Sempre que oramos e vigiamos fazemos com que a vida torne-se suave. Quando transformamos a nossa angústia, o nosso pesadelo em uma imensa nuvem precisamos usar o travesseiro da compaixão para pousarmos a nossa consciência.

Somos frutos de um mesmo Criador! Não importa a religião que professamos, importa o amor que emanamos. Esse é o ensinamento: 'Amai-vos uns aos outros!'."


Texto psicografado pela médium:

sexta-feira, 3 de agosto de 2012

Text Originally posted in Portuguese on Sat, July-28-2012



Dear children blessed by the Holy Spirit!

Throughout my ecumenical spiritual journey I've realized that many people recall the Holy Spirit, but at the same time doesn’t have perfect awareness of what he does, or better, you know that he performs miracles and is the presence of God among men. The Holy Spirit, or spirit of truth as some call him, is much larger than the consciences can imagine. The only person who got the fullness of the Holy Spirit was Jesus Christ! After the death of His physical body, He came out of this Plan in soul and spirit and returned to the cosmic plane, where he remained for three days, devoting himself to His Father, becoming One. "Father, Son and Holy Spirit!".  Remained among the great leaders and prophets mentioned in the Old Testament, because Jesus has become bigger than all of them together. He was crowned and can review His previous lifetimes. Did it ever occur that He may have been Moses, Elijah or David himself? What we know is that his greatest reign was as Christ! In the Astral Plane received new instructions from His Father, which, that resurrecting passed to his disciples. The resurrection, the return of the spirit and soul into his matter was due to the massive action of the Holy Spirit. Along His way, from conception to death, the Holy Spirit acted.
What the Bible says are the miracles performed by Jesus, since the beginning of his ministry. But His mission was started since very child, when caused surprise to his mother, Mary, his father, Joseph, and his maternal grandparents, Anna and Joachim, resurrecting animals such as birds, fish, goats and sheep. The presence of the Holy Spirit begins then since the announcement. The first visit to Mary was the Archangel Michael, the second of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael and the third, the Archangel Gabriel, known biblically as the Archangel of the Annunciation.

Could one of these three archangels have re-born? Could one of them has reincarnated in the matter of Jesus? Or, they could take turns in the matter of Jesus, throughout His ministry by the intervention of the Holy Spirit?

What can I calmly inform you is that these archangels Triad was supported by the Holy Spirit, who also supported the mother of Jesus preparing her. I must tell you that Jesus began to perform miracles in his childhood, since the age of two. Even at a young age, already assumed postures and taking attitudes, fleeing from his parents and going to the Valley of the Lepers, healing wounds and sores, called the attention of neighbors and relatives.

Jesus Christ was and will remain the only human being who lived and is still living continuously with the Holy Spirit! His aura extended to allow that the essence remained inside him, between the soul and spirit. This condition allowed him to take a reading of thoughts, announcing names of people who were preparing to visit his home, as well as other situations, with days and hours prior He reported to His mother. Many times instead of calling her “mother” called her to “woman”. "Woman, make haste to increase the food because you will receive the visit of Levi and their four children." Do not overdue, it was  happened, without anyone communicate him. What today we call telepathy, in his case was the presence of the Holy Spirit.

In the next week, you and I will dive in the particularities of this man called "Love," Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Now, with the sword of justice and the pearls of light I radiate from the core of the sun in your souls! May the strong of the ray, the power of lightning, the musicality of thunder and the elements of nature  protect you, by removing all the nightmares, the pain of love, the sorrows, the financial problems of your souls, spirits and raw.



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